While there are numerous issues you can have with the Facebook site, there are some basic problems that are more common than other problems. Here are some of the basic problems and information to fix them: Facebook ProblemsFacebook Problems Support Difficulty to Log into Facebook Every one of us has come across this problem, many times. The problem appears about when you enter the incorrect username or password. You might have lost your password or you aren’t attentive when entering the credentials. If you can’t remember the password to the website you just click on the “forgotten password” option and you will be told to enter your email address and the whole information will be sent to your email id. If you can’t remember your password, email address and username, you should contact Facebook support team and the team will help you in getting the information back. They have a team of highly qualified experts, having immense experience in providing tech support. You Keep on Logging Out This is undoubtedly one of the oldest Facebook issues. What happens majorly is that Facebook logs out even without you causing it. The problem is not only frustrating, it can also lead to misunderstanding particularly when you are talking with someone and then you log out without letting the other person know that you are logging out. The problem is basically due to bandwidth issue. All you need to do is shut down the other unnecessary computer applications that are running. Text Repetition This is another very usual Facebook problem. The issue isn’t serious unless it stops you from sending unnecessary messages. It’s also serious if it keeps on doing or when the repetitions are too many. It’s simple to fix the issue as all you need to do is quit any extra applications that might be upsetting your bandwidth. If you have logged out of the other programs and still the issue persists, contact the technical support at Facebook and tell them to fix the problem for you. The technical support for Facebook problems, given by Facebook teamis quite relevant and simple to implement. Facebook Hacking Many of you have woken up to understand that their timelines are automatically updated and yet they aren’t the ones that did it. This is majorly the work of hackers. When your website is hacked you either can’t go through it or it updates itself without your approval. If you uncertain that your Facebook account has been hacked you should call Facebook customer care number as soon as possible. If you can access your account, let your closed ones and friends know that your account has been hackedtotally. Ask them not to take any of the post or message seriously as they aren’t yours. End Result These are a few of the common Facebook issues that you might come across and how to deal with them. If you have to contact Facebook technical support, there are many mediums that you can go for. You can use the phone, email or chat.

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