Child Care

As a child grows older, specifically those who are suffering as a result of challenging medical conditions; a sense of self-awareness with respect to their diagnosis is expected to develop.Rochester Wellness programs play an important role in specific pediatric cases.

Benefits from these comprehensive services may be derived for those suffering from a variety of conditions including (but not limited to):

cerebral palsy multiple sclerosis spina bifida down syndrome autism broken bones / orthopedic injuries speech and language disorders developmental delays congenital disorders (i.e. present from birth) attention hyperactivity disorder.

We believe that a combination of approaches is the most effective way to treat and assure patients of benefit. While every case is unique, rehabilitation team members follow defined protocols and guidelines (pertaining to pediatrics) given the level of care and sensitivity required for the following conditions.


delayed development special needs disability and difficulties associated with daily life activities.

How we Help:

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These strategies may strengthen coping skills related to managing behaviors while increasing motivation to achieve and complete tasks for themselves (where possible). Our aspiration in this endeavor is to assist in helping children feel as normal as possible.

Most people take coordination, orientation and daily living skills for granted. Imagine not being able to eat by yourself or use a computer? In one particular case, we patiently worked with a child on fine motor skills to practice grasping and releasing toys. Despite the apparent simplicity of the task, we recognize that routine activities may new and unique experiences for our patients.

We are happy to report that the initial signs of progress were excellent due to cooperation, practice & cognitive capacity coupled with a comfortable setting to concentrate and learn. After all, children have a right to enjoy their childhood as well! For those who are suffering, Rochester Wellness provides an environment and tools to both enjoy childhood & prepare for life’s challenges.

Bring your kids to this homely atmosphere where they would never feel homesick and would get indulge in a lot of other activities which may include flashcards, board games, turn taking, reading books, drawing and games in the mirror. This helps them in making their lifestyle very active.Please visit or contact us. We are always at your help.

Russell Bain