Another common type of acne is whiteheads. They tend to be yellow or white, and they are mostly caused by compilation of oil produced by the body which in time begins to harden. The appearance of whiteheads tends to make the skin appear more uneven. Popping them or trying to break them will be useless.

We all know that there are thousands of products on the market for treating whiteheads, and acne in general. But most of them are rubbish, and we know it, but we still buy them. Why? Because we’re sucked into the big hype claims. As humans we’re always looking for the easy and fastest way out. So when we see a product claiming that it can banish whiteheads in just a few days. We buy it without hesitation.

To begin clearing up whiteheads it should be mentioned that you never squeeze or try to remove them by pressure without the proper tools. If you squeeze and pick you will only break the skin and leave it open for infection and potentially leave a scar. The best way to remove whiteheads from your face is with a comedone remover. Comedone is just another name for the blockage of pores.

One of the best ways to remove acne scars is to prepare a mixture of cucumber and tomato juice and apply it on to your face. Tomato contains antioxidant properties, which protects the skin from damage and works to enhance the immune system and the skin tone. Besides, both these ingredients help in tightening the pores, which helps in controlling acne.

If you use make-up, avoid oil based products. The oily products contribute to worsen the condition of your acne. A good alternative would be to use water based products.

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Use a clean, sterilized whitehead remover. This is a metal needle you can buy in your local drugstores. Press it gently with your two fingers to depress the surrounding skin, putting gentle pressure on it. Then the whitehead can be easily removed.

The tool works by depressing the skin surrounding the whitehead making it easier to remove. After removal you should wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial wash to ensure that you have removed all traces of infection. It’s also very important to keep the tool itself spotlessly clean between uses.

After your face is nice and warm and soft, try popping or squeezing the whitehead. Use a sterilized needle, or if you’re really desperate your fingers. Normally using your fingers is NOT a good idea, as it will add dirt to the situation. However, here we’re just looking for a quick fix. If nothing will come out, don’t despair. Try washing it in hot water for a bit longer. If you still have no luck, then just skip to the next step.

Use medicine to treat your whiteheads. Benzoyl Peroxide is a medicine with anti bacterial properties that will help heal and prevent acne breakouts. Apply a small amount to the affected areas. The results will vary depending on the condition of your acne. So if you ever ask yourself how to remove whiteheads, just look back and make sure you took a solid approach to the methods I have provided.

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